Cixi Yamani Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional company integrating the production, processing, sales, and maintenance services of chemical wet treatment equipment. The company has strong technical force and can conduct research and development, production, assembly and maintenance for FPC, PC, HDI circuit board wet processing production equipment, Sola Cell photovoltaic cell wet processing equipment; can work with customers on production process, chemical properties, engineering plastics, machinery Structure, transmission system, spray system, spare parts and other aspects to carry out all-round, multi-level cooperation, timely and professionally solve process production problems for customers.

Armani has been committed to strict product quality control. We strictly implement the ISO9001 quality control system, and set up monitoring points at each step to ensure that the products meet various quality indicators. Many independent institutions have quite recognized the effectiveness of this quality control process.

We continuously improve our production efficiency, reduce waste, and continue to propose and achieve higher quality requirements by implementing best practices such as 5S, Lean Manufacturing and Statistical Methods.

All Armani employees firmly believe that quality products and on-time shipments are the only source of continued competitiveness.

Armani's own high-tech test production line can effectively evaluate new materials and equipment, so as to provide our customers with products using the latest technology to maximize customer benefits.

Service philosophy

Customer-centric, sincere to provide customer service. Adhere to customer satisfaction is our first choice, customer satisfaction is the first standard, and pursue win-win cooperation with customers and us.

Service Content

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    We can provide you with technical support such as reasonable site planning before sale.

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    7*24 hours telephone technical support service.

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    The customer called repair to respond within 2 hours.

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    2 million spare parts inventory can meet customer needs in time

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    Independent customer service hotline and mailbox can accept customer service needs and supervision.

Customer Search

  • icon44.png After-sales service regularly sends people to inspect the customer's machine.
  • icon45.png Upgrade and transform old machines according to customer requirements.


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